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Where can I purchase Drew’s sauce?

You can purchase

What form of payment do you accept online?

Debit, all major credit cards

What should I use Drew’s Sauce on?

Pairs well with fish, beef, chicken, pork, and vegetables. Great for dipping French fries, chips, bread. Also try with sandwiches, tacos, and chili.“It goes on everything”

How long will my bottle last once it open and refrigerated?

Please use by best buy date on the label.

Is Drew’s sauce suitable for vegan and vegetarians?

Please check the ingredients on the label to match your dietary preference.

Is Drew's Sauce gluten free?


How do I handle a return?

Please contact Drew’s sauce at

How do I resolve an issue with my online order.

Please contact Drew’s sauce at

Can I buy in bulk?

Refer to our wholesale at bottom of the page.

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